Successful composite products begin with Vectorply’s R2O

Phenix City, Ala. – In an industry as competitive as composites fabrication, any edge that manufacturers can gain has the potential to pay huge dividends. As numerous customers have already discovered, Vectorply’s powerful tool known as the Road to Optimization (R2O) can identify key areas for improvement in the production process leading to higher quality products, increased efficiency, and a competitive edge in the market.

The Road to Optimization begins with an on-site technical meeting and audit by members of Vectorply’s engineering and sales teams. From the first time the material is handled at the customer’s facility, our team will have eyes on the process until the final product is complete.

With the meeting and audit complete, the Road to Optimization moves into the laminate analysis and design stage utilizing Vectorply’s proprietary software, VectorLam Cirrus 2.0. VectorLam is a free internet-based program (accessible at that allows the engineering team and customer to determine the correct laminate schedule for the specific application. The selected materials are then tested, finalized, and the reinforcements are built to order.

The Road to Optimization was designed to help customers optimize their production process with the ideal materials and procedures. To find out more about Vectorply’s R2O and the difference it can make in your production process, call us today at 334-291-7704.