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For custom reinforcements please contact customer service. Products manufactured with aramid, carbon, or S-glass fibers are subject to minimum order quantities and fiber availability.

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Total Weight (oz/yd²)Total Weight (gsm)0° long (oz/yd²)0° long (gsm)90° trans (oz/yd²)90° trans (gsm)+\-45° Double Bias (oz/yd²)*+\-45° Double Bias (gsm)*Binderfree Mat (oz/yd²)cont Filament Mat (oz/yd²)**poly Veil (oz/yd²)A Glass Veil (oz/yd²)Dry Fiber thick (IN)Dry Fiber thick (MM)lam thick (IN)lam thick (MM)
E-TLXM 190827.819438.96304n/an/a10.763648.1n/an/an/a0.0441.1180.051.27
E-TLXM 220831.65107312.8434n/an/a10.763648.1n/an/an/a0.0491.2450.0561.422
E-TLXM 240834.21116015.36521n/an/a10.763648.1n/an/an/a0.0491.2450.0591.499
E-TLXM 330841.38140315.36521n/an/a17.926088.1n/an/an/a0.0611.5490.07001.778
E-TLXM 340842.4143812.8434n/an/a21.57288.1n/an/an/a0.0611.5490.0711.803
E-TLXM 550862.68212527.7939n/an/a26.889128.1n/an/an/a0.082.0320.12.54
* 60° For E-TLY & E-TLYA
** Or Micromesh ™

0º Longitudinal Unidirectional

90º Transverse Unidirectional

+45,-45º Double Bias

0º,+45º,-45º Longitudinal Triaxial

+45º,90º,-45º Transverse Triaxial

0º,+45º,90º,-45º Quadraxial

Stitched Binder Free Mat

0°, +60°, -60° Longitudinal Triaxial