Trident Ship

Wherever there is a need for light weight and high performance, with equally matched cosmetic surface finish, Vectorply’s range of VectorSports™ reinforcements are the industry leaders’ first choice.

For more than a decade Vectorply has been the innovative leader in the development of specialty, non-crimp, reinforcements for skis, snowboards, wakeboards, and a host of other sporting products. Light weight carbon/E-glass triax materials are just a few of the unique Vectorply products that help our customers fly higher, farther, and faster.

The performance is in the details

VectorSports™ fabrics are manufactured from E-glass roving in fine yield combinations. Finer filaments pack more fiber, use less resin, which means higher strength and stiffness. On the snow or on the water that translates into predictable, consistent performance and excellent surface appearance.