U.S. Coast Guard marine inspectors train with Vectorply carbon

Richmond, CA – Maritime Technical Services of Tiburon, CA recently completed their 15th training course designed to teach United States Coast Guard marine inspectors how to inspect composite small passenger vessels.  The course is held three times a year at the KKMI Boathouse in Point Richmond, CA and consists of 20 students.Coast guard pic2

The course covers several topics including: small passenger vessel rules and standards for FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) vessels, introduction to FRP and composite materials, vessel manufacturing techniques, composite testing, identifying dynamic loads in small passenger vessels, and tools of the trade and inspection techniques.

Finally, as seen in the photos, common repair methods are taught to the students. The students shown are repairing a hole in a piece of plywood using Vectorply C-LA 1812, an 18oz. carbon uni.