Vectorply Corporation’s Engineering and Technical Services team will be hosting a free introduction to VectorLam Cirrus 2.0 webinar on Tuesday, February 16 at 11 a.m. EST. The following topics will be covered during this event:

    • The “Home” screenVectorLam Webinar2
        • My Projects – Adding new, searching, and recent projects
        • Account Tools – Changing passwords and email addresses
        • Sales Contact
        • Messages from Team Vectorply
    • The “Project” Screen
        • Creating Laminates – Develop laminates for open mold and infusion purposes
        • Creating custom materials complete with costing information
        • Laminate Comparison Table – Comparing and graphing laminate properties, and exporting to Excel, PDF, Word, etc.
        • Sharing and sending projects to other users
    • The “Report” Screen
        • Building and analyzing a Beam
        • Building and analyzing a Plate (if time allows)

VectorLam Cirrus 2.0 was released to the public in October, 2015. Cirrus 2.0 is the first cloud-based edition of Vectorply’s proprietary laminate analysis software program. VectorLam Cirrus 2.0 delivers a multi-platform compatible approach to classical laminate theory and provides a suite of services across diversified market segments. This updated program allows users to build and access laminates on nearly any internet-connected device.

Registration for the webinar is limited, so reserve your spot now! To register for the webinar, please email your contact information today to