Vectorply M Series

Fiber Architecture

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  • Binderless chopped E-Glass, stitched at 7 gauge vectormat
  • Weight range: 1.5 oz – 4.0 oz.
  • Standard roll width: 50″ & 60″
  • Packaging: 14″ x 14″ cardboard boxes


  • Binderless characteristic provides fast, thorough wet-out.
  • Use in close mold applications such as RTM, VARTM, SCRIMP.
  • Can be pultruded when layered with other materials.
  • Stitched construction allows for pattern or die cutting.
  • VectorMat will not wash out in RTM process.
  • VectorMat can be pre-wet and moved for proper placement in wet lay-up open molding.
  • VectorMat gives uniform thickness compared to extra spray-up in open molding.
  • VectorMat is low cost alternative for building thickness and stiffness, where the component is not weight critical.