Vectorply has designed a family of specialty fabrics specifically for the sports and recreation market. The materials are engineered to provide the user with a product that meets their physical property demands while at the same time yielding a high level of product aesthetics.

The VectorSports products are available in a wide variety of weights and fiber architectures from unidirectional to quadraxial. Each fabric was given a certain weight percentage distribution to meet the demands of the marketed product. The majority of the VectorSports line is made up of zero degree dominate materials.

Vectorply constructed these materials in a manner to give the user the highest level of aesthetics possible. Vectorply always uses a high stitch count to give the fabrics a smooth finish in addition to the high gauge stitching. Vectorply uses the finest yield of glass, which results in a product that has high physical properties and a beautiful finish.

All fabrics are available in slit widths from 4” up to 60”.