Due to the recent focus on renewable energy sources such as wind power, composite manufacturers have been expanding their product ranges and capabilities.  With this shift toward more highly engineered composite structures, comes a need for specific reinforcements necessary to meet the stringent design requirements.  VectorWind™ multiaxial reinforcements have been specifically designed for these applications.

The VectorWind™ product line reflects the most commonly used E-glass fiber reinforcements used in wind blade and nacelle manufacturing.  Heavy weight unidirectionals and 0°/90° biaxials in the 740gsm to 1840gsm (22oz/yd² to 55oz/yd²) range are available for spar cap and root section applications, while double bias, and warp/weft triaxials in the range of 425gsm to 1650gsm (12oz/yd² to 48oz/yd²) are available for airfoil sections and shear webs.

While wind energy is a relatively emerging technology, there are still many installations that have been operational for several years or even decades that may need repairs and/or retrofitting.  VectorWind™ reinforcements are ideal for blade and nacelle repair; whether for newly produced structures damaged during transportation or older installations in need of an upgrade.

Every VectorWind™ product can be used in more advanced processing techniques such as vacuum infusion and prepreg/oven cure in polyester, vinylester, or epoxy resin systems.